by Sucker Punch

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Few months in relationship
And truth hits like a bus
This girl's so beautiful,
But her personality sucks
You lied about your feelings
To get laid as hell
Grow yourself a pair of balls
Then call that girl and tell...

Hey dear!
Come here!
It's time to be sincere!
I don't like your cooking
And I hate your mom
All I really wanna do is play my guitar!

Your friends are bitches
And your stories are boring
But we both know that
I really like scoring
Truth can be painful
And ugly sometimes
But I can't keep lying
Coz sincerity rocks

Come here!
It's time to be sincere!
I don't want to be friends
And go fishing with your dad
All I wanna do is sleep in the middle of bed!

I know I'm acting stupid
And it breaks my heart
But these relationships
Were doomed from start
I hope I'm not too rough
And the message is clear
Grab your stuff
And move away from here

Hey dear!
Come here!
It's time to be sincere!
I'm allergic to cats
And I hate red wine
All I really wanna do is
Get wasted and die!


released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Sucker Punch Kiev, Ukraine

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